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Who We Are

Our idea started because of the need of  surgical scrub caps. I am a medical professional-worker and at the beginning of the pandemic it was necessary for me to have my hair covered while at work. I mentioned the issues I was having to my mom, and together we started to come up with ideas and put our hands to work. I brought her some fabrics I found that were going to work out the best, 100% cotton and with lively designs, just like I wanted. My mom started to work on them right away, processing the fabrics by washing them at hot temperatures, and then designing the best mold easily adaptable to all head’s shapes. The scrub caps came out beautiful and they were very comfortable to use. Although this was just a need I had and my mom fulfilled it with her creativity and craftsmanship, it has become a hot item during these times we are living in. As a medical professional, it is important to have our hair covered and out of the exposed air, and it is a pretty accessory to use when all you wear are scrubs.

A Few Words About

Why Arte Sano?

Why Arte Sano? Arte Sano means two things for us, the scrub caps are handmade by Grace, the artisan, but also means the art of healing, which is what the users of these scrub caps perform while wearing them. Therefore, you are in our minds and your healing power is ingrained in our name.

Laura Germano


Grace Astrada


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